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Explore the Seas with Captain Will

Discover the thrill of the ocean with Captain Will and his expert team, dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences through intimate encounters with marine life.


Our passion is sharing life experiences! We believe in providing a personal touch beyond what you can find out there in today's services. All of our tours are customized for each group.  The locations and activities are planned around our guests' preferences and customized by utilizing our extensive local intelligence and first-hand knowledge of the activities we book in order to bring you the best time possible. We’re in the business of creating memorable moments that last a lifetime! Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.



Captain Will, the heart and soul of Off The Grid, has dedicated his life to the ocean. Growing up on the coast, Will developed an early love for the sea, spending his childhood exploring its depths and marveling at its wonders. With over 35 years of experience navigating these waters, he has an unparalleled knowledge of marine life and a deep respect for nature. His passion for sharing the beauty of the ocean is evident in every trip, as he strives to provide guests with unforgettable adventures that foster a genuine connection with the natural world. Whether it's whale watching, dolphin sightings, or a serene sunset cruise, Captain Will’s enthusiasm and expertise ensure a magical experience for all.

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